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StratCommRx has a principal who has spent more than 15 years helping organizations create communications solutions. We work closely with our clients and bring together the right pool of talent to achieve the results needed to create happy and satisfied clients with meaningful results.

There is a lot of rhetoric that goes into how agencies talk about themselves – some have made a career out of it! So here are the primary things to know about StratCommRx, easy on the spin.

We are collaborators and connectors by nature. Bringing additional team members in to assist on and support client projects is a natural and obvious solution to deliver the results you seek.

The only people who will work under the StratCommRx banner and on projects we pursue will be people who are passionate practitioners. You have to actually LOVE what you do for a living. You have to be brilliant at it. And you have to be willing to fight for your client’s brand as if it were your own. (ok…that was a little bit of rhetoric…but heartfelt, nonetheless.)

Being fun to work with is contagious! We think a good balance of fun and professionalism keeps us on our game and you on yours.

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Welcome to our Video Blog Series!

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